Older versions of esoBB

If there is a problem with the latest release of esoBB, the best course of action is to create an issue if there isn’t one already, or start a new conversation on the support forum. Downgrading to an older version of the forum software rarely solves anything and is only useful in the development context. If you run a production forum, you should maintain the latest version of the software or risk exposing your users to potential security vulnerabilities.

On the other hand, if you aren’t running a production forum and only wish to test older versions for development purposes then they are available on this page, including older versions of esoTalk.

Release date Notes Download
esoBB 1.0.0d2 05-12-2023 Download tar.gz zip
esoBB 1.0.0d1 01-17-2022 Download tar.gz zip
esoBB 1.0.0p1 03-19-2021 First pre-release Download 7z zip
esoTalk 1.0.0b3 04-16-2010 207kB Download tar.gz zip
esoTalk 1.0.0b2 12-06-2009 231kB Download tar.gz zip
esoTalk 1.0.0b1 09-19-2009 230kB Download tar.gz zip

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