Plugins, skins & languages

To install a new skin...

Download the skin   →   Log in to your forum   →   Click "Skins"   →   Browse to the and click "Add skin"

Screenshot of Aluminum

Aluminum version 2.0 by esoBB team

Aluminum gives your forum a smooth and polished look, like a piece of aluminium.

Inspired by Mac OS X design elements, it features dark gradients and push buttons, and uses blue as a supporting color. Aluminium uses the default user color palette.

Screenshot of Plastic

Plastic version 2.0 by esoBB team

Plastic is a default skin designed to be low-impact, lightweight, and clean.

It features simple white-grey textures, a full range of soft user colors, and bright blue buttons designed to attract user attention to areas of functionality.

Want to make your own skins? See the tutorial to get started.