Plugins, skins & languages

It's pretty easy to install a plugin

Download the plugin   →   Log in to your forum   →   Click "Plugins"   →   Browse to the and click "Add plugin"

Shouts in a user's profile

Shouts version 1.0 by esoBB team

Adds a section to the user profile page in which users may post short "shouts".

Supports the emoticons plugin.

Using emoticons in posts

Emoticons version 1.0 by esoBB team

Automatically replaces certain text-emoticons with their graphic equivalent. Comes with 30 soft-style ink-outline emoticons in alpha png format (we include an IE6/5.5 alpha png compatibility hack, stupid IE). Developers may replace or extend the emoticon set using this plugin's built-in hooks.

Getting through a captcha

Captcha version 1.0 by esoBB team

Provides a challenge to users creating new accounts, aimed at preventing automated sign-ups. The number of characters can be altered in the config settings.

For this plugin to work, your PHP webserver must have the GD extension enabled.

A forum's technical data

Debug version 1.0 by esoBB team

Displays a whole bunch of technical info when you're logged in as an admin, including script execution time, SQL query log, POST/GET/COOKIE/FILES/SESSION superglobal content, and AJAX request data.

Pretty useful if you're making a plugin or customization, or if you're just interested in how your forum does stuff.

Want to make your own plugins? See the tutorial to get started. It helps to have some basic knowledge of PHP!