Guide to installing your forum

esoBB is a fork of esoTalk that is lightweight, extensible and easy to set up. It is designed to work with Apache out of the box but can work with nginx or your own web server while falling back to non-rewrite URLs, though anybody can change this behavior by modifying the software. One drawback that currently exists with the software is that it relies on PHP ^5.6, and it is on our roadmap to migrate however for the time being no distribution should run into an issue with version 5. As of 1.0.0 delta 2, there should no longer be any compatibility issues with the latest version of PHP.


Forum software comes with dependencies which are libraries (bundles of software) that are necessary for certain functions or features. This software only has a few. They're extremely basic.

  • PHP >=5.6 with the following extensions: gd, mysql, and mbstring
  • MySQL >=5.7 (latest version recommended) or MariaDB >=10.
  • Apache, nginx, Caddy or your own web server, though additional configuration is required.
  • unzip (to unzip the latest release of esoBB)

Still looking for help?

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