Frequently asked questions

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"What are conversations?"

Starting from the top, a conversation replaces the traditional functionality of a thread that is seen on most forums. Only users that are "logged in" can participate in them, and they build on the idea of threads by allowing for new posts to be received in real-time.

Anybody can make their own conversation by clicking on the start a conversation button. You will be asked to enter a conversation title and specify some tags to describe the conversation. For example, if you choose to start a conversation about the movie Ocean's Eleven you might choose the tags "movie", "Ocean's Eleven", and "George Clooney." Conversations do not need tags to be listed.

Conversations also expand on the functionality of private messages with private conversations, which are simply conversations that may only be viewed and replied to by certain members. A private conversation may consist of just you and a friend, or it may allow access by an entire group, ex. all of the moderators.

"What's the difference between gambits and tags?"

Gambits are simply phrases that describe what you are looking for. You can also search by tags, which are snippets of text that describe the topic of a conversation. To search by a tag simply click on the desired phrase in the tag cloud, which is the collection of words above the gambits. You can always enter normal search terms into the search bar, just as you would when using Google or Yahoo.

Gambit searching is actually pretty powerful and we hope that, once you get used to it, it will make your time spent on forums less about clicking and more about talking. For example: to list new replies to your posts, click on unread and contributor:myself, then click the search button. Experiment! ^_^

"Why is there a color (or pair of quotes) next to my profile?"

It's only cosmetic! When people are reading a conversation full of posts they may often overlook your username. To help distinguish your posts from those of other members you may specify a profile image, called an avatar, and choose a color for your posts.

Simply log in and click my settings in your control bar. On this page you will find a section called appearance settings in which you can upload an avatar and select your favorite color. While you're here you can also choose whether you'd like to be emailed whenever someone invites you into a private conversation and whether to receive email notifications of new replies within starred topics.