Geteso? More like "get anally raped"

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Ski me she wee.

Clyde glide fide.

Andy Mandy Brandy.

Akefu waifu. (LOL)

shrimp pimp gimp simp.

Longo bongo dongo.

Adolf gaydolf. (D:)

0V3R_L0RD bored gourd.

Chan the man Stan.

Garry the merry dairy.

admin the sadmin the madmin the badmin. (not chadmin (LOL)) (YWNBC) (you will never be chadmin)

current_ the insurant the servant.

James Boob the big boob.

krebs rebs stebs.

Toby Moby large-dick.

Dolbeson mole-be-son dole shoal.

Ryan Brewer the stewer the mewer.

Stalin the wall-in the fall-in.

Satan's Butthole the stubble the bubble.

Pickle Rick beaten dick rectum piercing stick.

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