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Ryan Brewer

2 weeks ago (deleted by Ryan Brewer)

I went down there. I can talk more about it in the future. Big shit has happened today. Day of the rope (in Minecraft.)

Seeing those windows being broken into and seeing those chambers being occupied felt like sweet refreshment washing over my face. I can't imagine how Pelosi and those other (((Senators))) feel, knowing that their information isn't secure, and knowing that their offices have probably been shat on by tards of the public.


2 weeks ago (edited by Longo 2 weeks ago)

Some statues were vandalized and there was a guy hoisting the flag of the German Reich on a lamppost. An utterly hilarious sight. It's insane to think that a bunch of disgruntled boomers could do what resentful niggers weren't able to for years.

Ryan Brewer

2 weeks ago (deleted by Ryan Brewer)

CEO of Racism

2 weeks ago (deleted by CEO of Racism)


2 weeks ago (edited by canadian.user 2 weeks ago)

"Public Servants", they are pathetic, those politicians were shitting their pants. They deserved so much more suffering than they did. Next time good ol' Timmy should just park a few moving trucks outside the building. (In Minecraft)

Jesus Christ

Last week (deleted by Jesus Christ)

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