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1 month ago Administrator

If you're a previous user and just returned, you may notice that some things around here have changed. Most obviously, esoTalk/esoForum is now called geteso(.org) and we've purchased the domain "" to give us some ubiquity with our branding. I tried renaming the server to "esoForum" some time ago, so that we may distance ourselves from the now-defunct esoTalk [dead website] forum software, which no longer shared any resemblance with this site or the forum software that we're actually running. This didn't work; people insisted on calling the forum "esoTalk" which was most likely fueled by our reliance on the "" domain.

The old domain will always stick around, and will forever redirect to our new domain. Links to specific forum posts (e.g. will automatically correct to the equivalent post on our new domain ( which should prevent link rot.

  • The "remember me" checkbox has been removed and users who are signing-in will automatically be "remembered" through a refined cookie model. As always, we don't use any site trackers, and the only "cookie" we use is purely designed to keep people signed-in, until/unless they decide to log out.
  • A maximum site width has been introduced which prevents the website from horizontally filling "widescreen" devices. Because of this, we can justify text, and make posts easier to read across all devices. This will go virtually unnoticed if you're a mobile user.
  • Image buttons have been removed and replaced with gradient-based equivalents that look virtually identical, however are much easier on the browser and load more than twice as quickly.
  • Our backend has been reworked to improve site efficiency, and to remove unnecessary components. Users won't (shouldn't) notice this, because no features have been removed as a consequence of this change. On the other hand, instances of this forum software should be a lighter load on our servers than they previously were.

I hope you guys are happy with the changes, and look forward to further improving this site down the road. Happy talking. :)


1 month ago Administrator


I *logged* into my account yesterday to logpost (of course) and was pleasantly surprised when my account was remembered after visiting the website today. This will improve my logposts greatly, and is a great leap forward for the community here.

So glad.


1 month ago (deleted by courteously)

The changes appear to be all good, I will continue posting about niggers.

Next time you change the forum, delete logposter.

Hey! You need to log in or create an account to do anything on this forum.