On the Effects of Secular Government

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On the Effects of Democratic and Secular Government

The democratic system has historically been taught to our youth, particularly through schools developed under democratic governments, as an inherent good of our modernized lives, along with the notion that any method of federal administration which does not fall under “the democratic method” is an evil to be opposed.

This characterization is disingenuous in observation and vile in background justification, because not only does the democratic system predicate on “God-granted freedoms” which are condemned by the LORD in their effects of breeding opposition to authority, however the aforementioned process of thought with regard to alternative systems of government has the natural effect of developing a subconscious prejudice against new ideas.

For this reasoning, the current state of public education must be dismantled, which is only possible through the physical destruction of these institutions. It is not feasible to request such drastic modification of today’s curriculum through political institutions, because they fundamentally parade democratic philosophy, and reject any notion of improvement for the same reasons that an individual brought about through modern schooling would. Therefore, one cannot practically bring about the dismantling of the democratic system through that very system, as it establishes a circular process of obtaining the popular vote in favor of rejecting that very right; this is an intentional feature of the design exhibited in democratic governments.

Lower-level public education will not be targeted because these circuits are largely comprised of children that play no active role in justifying the current system, as they are undergoing the process of having notions about that system drilled into their skulls. Rather, higher education is comprised of students who are bound to partake in federal politics through elevating what they have been indoctrinated into supporting, and as today’s politic increasingly results in the government subsidizing these institutions, academia’s responsibility for the perils of suffering brought about by the democratic system is only growing. The time has come for figures behind the veil of “open participation” be exposed through an unhindered attack which disables their continued meddling. Since they are constantly attacking the imperative of man, they will be physically attacked by an exercise of the defense (of) this imperative.

Scripture teaches us to respect authority, for all authority has been ordained by the LORD, however these teachings are made incompatible by the contemporary properties of secular governments which do not respect the LORD and logically cannot be ordained by Him. Let quarrels between interpretations of scripture, meaning the various denominations of Christ’s followers, be muted so that greater obstacles are overcome. Let those who do not necessarily follow His teachings, and by extension those of Christus Rex, lower their shields to understand this cause. It is time for secularism to be dismantled because it is a catalyst of sin.

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