My teacher has been forcing me to rap

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On the first day of school, my math teacher went around the classroom and told each student to introduce themselves and tell the class something interesting about themselves. I was looking to make some new friends going into my sophomore year and I noticed that there were a lot of African American students in the class, so I told them that I enjoy making rap music. In reality, I hate rap music, but I wanted my classmates to think I was cool. My teacher was extremely interested in my music and asked me to perform for the class. I didn’t want my classmates to find out that I was lying about my interest in rap music, so I agreed. I write poetry in my free time, and I was able to rap a poem I had already written about the Black Lives Matter movement. My teacher was impressed by my rap and every week since that day, she has asked me to perform a rap for the class. She calls these “Freestyle Fridays” and records the zoom meetings to post on the class webpage. My classmates have begun bullying me for my raps, posting the recordings on their snapchat stories and nicknaming me “Nut Busta Rhymes” (because of the time I was caught masturbating in a school bathroom) I have severe anxiety and I dread going to school on Fridays. I don’t know how to tell my teacher that rapping in front of the class makes me uncomfortable because I can tell that she’s really excited about Freestyle Fridays. I really don’t know what to do and I would appreciate any advice.

Just tell her that you feel uncomfortable doing freestyle Fridays every Friday. Suggest that someone else might want a turn. If you still gotta rap I'll save you the trouble of writing a song. Lemme drop a quick freestyle:
Shot 45 niggers and one jew,
Now I'll be turning my sights on you,
Bustin' caps in niggas asses,
Bustin' nuts in between classes,
When dey see me walk the hallway,
Bitch ass niggas can't help but say,
Damn what a motherfuckin' playa,
Not knowing they won't live anotha daya,
Don't come to virtual school tomorrow,
Cause you'll be in for a world of sorrow!
-This song is entirely satirical in nature. I am NOT making any threats to shoot niggas or virtual school. Please don't kick my door in FBI agents.

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