On the Sufficiency of Government

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The federal bureaucracy exhibited in contemporary occidental government not only bears an objective productive stance in operating with a large dependence on discretionary authority however uses too little authoritative jurisdiction in the implementation of an incumbent’s positional right to effectively carry the spirit of federal government, justifying this character flaw as an adherence to democratic election, speaking of the whole as comprised of a multiplicity of representatives, and should exceed in its authority for the sake of preserving western governance in the territories unto which governance is exercised. Authority is a necessary right for the very reason that objectives are articulated through express authority: for some political states exist as objectives, in opposition to the moral subjectivism which paints inherents as abstractions, for these truths are in our own breed and strengthened through the procreation of one’s racial adherence. Furthermore, these direct bureaucratic means in direct contradiction with libertarian philosophy are necessary in the preservation of social hierarchy over popular notions of social equality which have been educated to our youth, in the public stream, both in recent and historical instances; however absolute equality is detrimental to the biological instinct of man and should be avoided in favor of loving order strengthened theologically and even in self-determining human philosophy which states that some bodies are simply above others, in this series, and in the natural world. For, “all legislative powers herein shall be vested in a [political body] of the United States,” so that even “revolutionary” philosophical works perhaps unintentionally justify this natural order thus upholding it over hundreds of years, until inevitably overridden by the public intent, for which this general position should be reasserted as below our ultimate need for an authoritative government, taking itself as above the former in our natural order. Francis Parker Yockey was a man of his word and forcibly wrote on the Spenglerian philosophies predicting Western and Occidental decline throughout the twentieth centuries as policies of liberty came to fruition, destroying racial homogeneity and eventually promoting miscegenation, though was prosecuted by federal communities that had been comprised of direct opposition to the libertarian position, and forced to an end upon his own self. “We have been born into a certain Culture, at a certain phase of its organic development, we have certain gifts. These condition the earthly task which we must perform. The metaphysical task is beyond any conditioning, for it would have been the same in any age anywhere. The earthly task is merely the form of the higher task, its organic vehicle.” Our culture and these notions deriving from our own blood necessitate the preservation thereof, and the thriving of these ideals even under a realm of governmental persecution for they are inherent to our being, and instrumental to the imperative of man, just as they are instrumental to the restoration of occidental society, as the West may only be saved through ridding of fully democratic elements and for us to reinstate federal ideals in harmony with our imperatives. For this, not only is any authoritative government sufficient with regard to some reduction in the gravity of its operation, but should be expanded through relinquishing adherence to the popular will, and the ultimate execution of humanity’s favors.


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