McDonalds, McChicken, McVeigh

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It was McDonalds CEO and leader of the National Alliance movement William Luther Pierce that orchestrated the events of the OKC bombing. Unfortunate that McVeigh did not follow through with the events that had transpired in his book the “Turner Diaries” in which the protagonist bombs the FBI headquarters and participates in the reclamation of white society dominance within the United States. Unfortunate that his movement had attracted a diverse set of people’s to his cause, one such group were the internet autist. Screaming about Chicken Tenders and Hitler and Jews (not to say these aren’t meaningful topics) they were mere larpers online who will most likely not do anything until cataclysmic events happen that will send everything into motion. McVeigh must have suffered brain damage during his tour as a Marine in the Gulf War because he bombed the wrong building.


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Larpers are also rather annoying when they talk about restoring integrity to the white race while turning around and practicing degenerate acts (such as “simping” and other lacks of self-control) or acting like total nigs in public.

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