the legend is back

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after months of deep meditation, i have come to the realization of enlightenment. i saw the path forward and that path put walrus james first. my deep commitment during these trying times has brought forth my inner powers of chi, ketones, and hornyness to combine into the ultimate form. walrus james give me strength to lead these utter fools into the true path forward and shall the ground quake as i make my return back to the throne i once held.

Last night I broke into my niece's house and peered into her asshole while she was sleeping. Shortly after, a glowing feddie tried to come suck my cockoff and I bombed him with twenty five rolls of luminescent shit-covered tee pee.

You are the fool friend, Walrus James is not our friend he is a snake that has not revealed his teeth. He stole something from the Fore fathers and has hidden the secrets and only has given discrete clues where to find the truth I Have navigated the uncertain waves of Google and found it.

False Prophet

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