My Rape Story

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Last year (edited by ObamaDidIt Last year)

The man in the title came up to me and grabbed my cock. His mouth was slobbering and he gave me this weird look and said, “You’re a very big boy!” In an instant my pants were ripped apart, and my penile was given some schloppy top. His huge, throbbing cock ripped my asshole asunder. He made me commit ass to mouth. He drenched my persons in warm cum. In some strange way, I knew what those poor citizens in Pompeii felt like when they drowned in lava. I almost drowned in his warm, frothy cum. I know that he must be mental and/or gay, but this is the part that concerns me… I kind of liked it. I liked it when D* R**** spat in my mouth. I liked it when he called me “babyguurrll.” My favorite part was when he picked me up with his big strong hands, tucked me into bed, and kissed me on the forehead goodnight. Even though it was 2:13 in the afternoon. I miss him so much.
Please, D* R***s, give me more of your warm delicious Cum;)

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