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More users are finding about esoForum and that's absolutely great! Because the forum is expanding, I think it's time we purify the conversations on the site in order to make esoForum a better quality forum (and community) in general. Here's what we should do!

  • Conversations should have a subject that's complete, and that's not spam. If you're planning to spam, you should do it on a conversation that's already been made. Spam is fine, but new conversations don't need to be made for every post that's spam.
  • Replies should be on-topic to the conversation that's being replied to, or at least have something in common with another reply. If your reply is about a new subject, you should start a new convo.
  • If you don't have a profile picture yet, please try and get one. It makes the front page look a lot nicer and it solidifies new people as frequents, I think.

I hope you guys gained some insight from my vision. Keep in mind that these aren't rules or anything, and I'm not trying to be demanding. I just want to make the forum a better place! ;)


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