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2 years ago (edited by Drakehasabignose 2 years ago)

For what reason do Human beings containing an uterus and mammary glands that are functionary that classifies them as the female gender have chemical reaction in their brain which triggers a urge to mate with human beings that with masculine genitals and lack functioning mammary glands that identifies them as the male gender who are, probably due to poor living circumstances have unfortunately fallen below the acceptable moral standard? I've pondered this philosophical debate for an extended period of my living existence.

If you would care to observe me I am also of an unfortunately low moral class, so why in my low moral ground and logic I have discovered in my long studies of this subject of debate do the feminine class of gender have an urge stemmed from their instinctual survival ancestory to mate with me, a fine gentleman?

why girl like douche
i think this big time

i bad, it obvious
why girl like me


good girls don like bad guys, youŕe just not nice


2 years ago Moderator

pickle cronch - go to this post

good girls don like bad guys, youŕe just not nice

This is something only a woman in disguise would say.

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