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The samurai would use his katana only if he could not use his bow and spear. There is a belief that samurai used the sword because there was no honor in killing an enemy if you could not look him in the eye, and that for this reason they refused to use firearms. This idea, also related to the false myth of the samurai as a warrior of impeccable honor that we will see later, is far from reality since the samurai were not only archers by definition, but they widely used firearms. Their image as swordsmen is rather late. During the Edo period, with the unification of Japan with the establishment of the Tokugawa shogunate, the bloody internal wars ended and gave way to a long period of peace. The samurai became the hegemonic caste, carrying two swords, a long (katana) and a short (wakizashi), in a pair known as daishō (literally, large and small). The samurai were the only ones who could carry weapons, and the daishō was the symbol of their social status. The massive battles ended, and the conflicts were reduced to duels, for which the samurai used the katana. All this made the figure of the samurai identify with his skill with the sword

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