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2 weeks ago Administrator

Several users have been randomly suspended at the behest of a rogue moderator or administrator. If you have been suspended without warning, please contact the forum's support address (contact@geteso.org) and include your member ID (/profile/12345/) so that I can easily identify you.


Last week (edited by admin Last week) Administrator

This is still a relevant post so I have decided to sticky it again. Also, if you need to change your password then you should also contact that e-mail because I have disabled the forgot password page while I make updates to the forum. This is a temporary measure and I expect to have things back to normal soon!


Last week Administrator

Things should be back to normal as I have made the necessary changes to the forgot password controller and re-added any plugins. If I have missed any, please let me know. I am going to leave this up for a little while longer seeing as I have caught a few more users that were left in the crossfire of being randomly suspended.

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