Sen. John McCain dies at 81, brain cancer

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United States Senator and former prisoner of war, John McCain, has died of an inoperable case of brain cancer at the age of eighty-one. Having aimed at joining the Armed Forces since 1956 (as he joined the Naval Academy); in 1967, he was imprisoned by the Viet-Cong subsequent to the initiation of the Vietnam war, as his plane went down and was captured by Vietnamese forces. McCain was secondly known for having written about his experience as a prisoner; being held under injury, through which he endured pain and was subject to torture by the North Vietnamese in hopes of extracting information.

John McCain's novel Faith of My Fathers details these truths. [link]

It is increasingly upsetting to see a man who had put his country before himself in the most literal fashion, and then had served a tenure for federality - the United States Senate - pass under such ailing terms; but nonetheless, the progress he had proponed (or the man who had proponed such) will not be forgotten by the American people.

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