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This is a formal recommendation issued on the topic of multiple accounts after deliberating with this forum's owner and two other moderators. The act of creating five or more accounts for the purpose of replying to one's own conversation, or for the purpose of replying to conversations made by other users, is sometimes referred to as "samefagging" or the state of "being a centipede" and is now discouraged for the following reasons.

a. We feel that this practice has brought on a unique state of discomfort among our community.

b. We have observed this practice in conversations designed to audit the community's majority opinion on various issues, in which (a) "centipede" has: i) falsely represented their own beliefs as more popularly held among this community and ii) defended those beliefs using alternate accounts in order to belittle users.

c. This practice is an abuse of the account creation process on this forum and lessens the overall value of forum statistics.

In response to this formal condemnation, we will ask that any "centipede" accounts begin using less than five accounts to discuss topics on this forum. In the scenario that a "centipede" account is responsible for moderation, one of those four accounts should count towards those procedures. For future users, it is formally recommended that participants do not use more than one active account to participate in discussing topics on this forum at any given time, because any alternative to this practice will likely alienate fellow participants.


1 month ago Administrator

Because of this recommendation, I have decided to lift the temporary restriction placed on account registration which should alleviate much of the drama that's been brewing lately.

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